As a teacher, my goal is to give rise to a love of learning that may transcend the classroom. For this, I use active, discovery, and experiential learning combined with iterative and circular (i.e. from self, peer and teacher) reflection and feedback. I have found over the last decade that enabling students to locate and harness their personal interests and passions is the best way to produce lasting learning outcomes. [Read more.]

Below is an indicative sample of courses that I have developed—as course coordinator and lecturer—and continue to deliver:

Australian Environmental Philosophy

Download (PDF, 597KB)


Nuclear Humanities

Download (PDF, 226KB)


Key Thinkers and Concepts in Australian Indigenous Studies 

Download (PDF, 118KB)


Encountering War and Peace: Thirteen Films 

Download (PDF, 2.13MB)


Narratives of Gender and Power in International Relations 

Download (PDF, 440KB)