N.A.J. Taylor has taught across the Humanities and Social Sciences for over a decade, including in departments of law, politics, culture and ethics. Traversing the disciplinary boundary between Indigenous and International Studies, for instance, now informs his research into the problem of nuclear harm. As a teacher, his approach is to harness individual students’ personal passions and interests so as to give rise to a love of learning that may transcend the classroom. Below is an indicative sample of courses that he has designed and delivered:

Australian Environmental Philosophy

Download (PDF, 150KB)


Environment and Story 

Download (PDF, 264KB)


Nuclear Humanities

Download (PDF, 310KB)

Please also refer to the accompanying website at www.nuclearhumanities.org


Key Thinkers and Concepts in Indigenous Studies 

Download (PDF, 248KB)


Encountering War and Peace: Thirteen Films

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Gender and Power in World Politics: A Narrative Approach

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